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Madame JeanPierre is an acoustic jazz group created by vocalist Joanna Markowska and guitarist Maciej Muszynski.

Her dark vocal and deep tone of his guitar define their sound. They describe their music as warm jazz, which they understand through compositions full of warmth and emotions based on beautiful melodies developing in spontaneous improvisations.


Inspired by modern jazz, they do not give up the form of a song with an important text. Rhythm and pulsation create Jędrzej Łaciak (acoustic bass) and Bartek Staromiejski (drums).


Their first compositions were included on the atmospheric album "LETE" (2016), which is a summary of the first years of their activity. Another record on their account is the single "My self love" - clearly clarifying the direction of their music.


Joanna Markowska – vocal

Maciej Muszynski – guitar

Jędrzej Łaciak - acoustic bass
Bartek Staromiejski - drums

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